I thrive at solving complex problems through design

I like to say an idea is not good unless it can survive several shots. So I shoot until it's bulletproof​ !

To solve a problem in the best possible way, you need to test its solution from all possible angles. That lack of satisfaction becomes your source of progress.

Creativity is not a process. It’s people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it.
Time Cook

What you get

  • A brain wired for both creativity and analytical thinking.

  • Strong experience designing UX for digital solutions.

  • A passion for resolving user pain points through great design.

  • Reliability, autonomy, and an ability to adapt to new priorities.

  • Willingness to collaborate and mentor others designers.

  • Ability to lead design thinking workshops to define and ideate on solutions.

  • Excellent presentation skills to communicate the product narrative.

  • Experience in planning and facilitating user research activities and usability tests.

  • Ability to synthesize research findings and articulate insights to inform and inspire design.

  • Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to identify the best experience that meets user, business, and technical needs.

  • Master at delivering user flows, concept sketches and wireframes to visualize the user journey.

  • Validation of concepts and impact of solutions through prototyping and user tests.

  • Write short-copy, interaction and functional specifications.

  • Expert with design and prototyping tools like Figma, Sketch and Principle.

  • Able to implement and maintain design systems.

Quick, dirty, scrappy, and impatient up front; quality obsessed, careful, and thoughtful later on.
Jason Fried

What I did


June 2017 to Dec 2021

WEB & MOBILE APP - Finance
Design of the client portal and 3 mobile apps

BDC offer loans and advisory services to entrepreneurs in Canada. Entrepreneurs can apply online and check their loan details from a mobile app. BDC is also offering a suite of iPadOS and iOS apps for their 800 account managers across the country to help them accomplish their work.

  • Using the Apple Design Workshop methodology, lead and participate in brainstorming workshops to understand user journeys and translate them into useful products.

  • Validate concepts and impact of solutions on users through prototypes and user tests.

  • Design iPadOS and iOS user interfaces, write short-copy and document the user interactions to facilitate the developer handoff.

  • Qualitative and quantitative research to better understand the needs and pain points of our users to help define our next initiatives.

  • Support the evolution of 8 internal and 1 client-facing mobile apps by continuously improving the user satisfaction in an agile environment.

  • Implement a design system to simplify and unify the visual language of all our mobile applications.

  • Calculus has been recognized as the most influential app to convert a prospect into a client and and as one of the 3 most essential mobile app by more than 660 account managers.

Mar 2021 to Aug 2021

SAAS - Event & Social
Major UX/UI redesign to the social platform

Fanslab develops social platforms to reinvent communities with smart networking, collaborative learning and engaging virtual event.

  • Improving the current responsive platform by redesigning the UX and UI of this SaaS, questioning everything in my path.

  • I introduced Figma as a collaborative design tool where we elaborate the future design system of the platform.

  • Define the customer experience for the participants.

  • Offer the most comprehensive solution to community managers to customize the platform according to their needs, the various access controls and user permissions.

  • Design the mockups for all the responsive user interfaces (Bootstrap breakpoints).

  • Illustrate and explain the user flows, write the short-copy and functional specifications.

  • Implement a design system for the web app and for the client admin console to facilitate the front-end implementation and developers hand-off.

Mar 2019 to Aug 2020

WEB & MOBILE APP - Finance
Improvements of the transactional platform, AccèsD, on mobile and Web and the trading mobile app, Disnat

AccèsD - Transactional banking platform (Mobile & Web)

  • Lead creative work sessions to improve the customer journeys across our banking platform (Web and mobile).

  • Qualitative and quantitative research to better understand the needs and pain points of AccèsD customers.

  • Propose new concepts and test prototypes with real customers in our UX Lab.

  • Offer my help and experience to other UX designers to harmonize and simplify our customer experience across all our initiatives.

Disnat - Trading Mobile App

  • Analyze the complete backlog of features with the product owner and prioritize which ones should be added to the mobile app.

  • Restructuring the user flows and interfaces mobiles on iOS and Android to accommodate the new features.

  • Come with a valid concept to offer the very complex options trading to the mobile users.

  • Design the wireframes of all the screens according to the new flows while improving each of the interfaces.

  • Work with iOS and Android developers to set up the appropriate interactions on each platform.

  • Implement a design system for the wireframes to facilitate their maintenance.

Apr 2014 to Mar 2019

Product design and strategy for the mobile apps that accompany fans at their music festivals and live events

SaaS and Mobile apps for the music festivals and event industry. Greencopper deploys over 350 mobile apps per year across the globe.

  • Discuss product strategy and marketing with the CEO and elaborate futur initiatives.

  • Propose wireframes for each new feature in the mobile app (iOS and Android) and detail the user flows and user interaction specifications.

  • Design new CMS features to facilitate data entry, customization of the mobile app and rules based targeted push notifications.

  • Supervise and help UI designers.

  • Participate to sprint plannings, demos and reviews with developers and managers.

  • Write the short copy and ensure its translation into 8 other languages.

  • Design, build and oversee the launch and promotion of a new SaaS product with various marketing, advertising, SEO, and SEM efforts.

Apr 2014 to Mar 2019

WEB APP - Event & Social
Transitioning the product from events management website into a unique and innovative platform for knowledge sharing

e180 is an innovative company helping organizations like Airbnb, TED, Salesforce and C2 foster meaningful relationships at their events all over the world.

  • Develop the product of an event management website into a unique and innovative platform for knowledge sharing over a period of 3 years.

  • Refine the customer experience through numerous iterations and experiments events after events.

  • Work with the product owner to focus on the most valuable features.

  • Design the entire user interfaces and define the user journey of the responsive web app.

  • Collaborate with the developers to make sure the end product live to our expectations.

  • Elaborate a design system to facilitate the mockups iterations and development collaboration.

Don't judge the success of your work by what you put into it, but by everything the user gets out of it.

What they say

His approach to technology and user experience is very insightful, methodical and at the same time extremely creative.
Octavian Mihai, Business coach

He is one of the rare people with whom to persist is a pleasure, with whom to have a difference of opinion is enriching.
François Coté, Front-end developer

He has this impressive capacity to transform communication and marketing objectives into an experience in a few seconds.
Isabelle Quevilly, Digital Planner

Visionary, rigorous and frank, he takes a clear position when faced with a problem, a subject or an emerging technology.
Olivier Thellend, CX consultant

He can mobilize a team to go the last mile, the one that turns a good project into a real success.
André Bélanger, Business consultant

Great designers produce pleasurable experiences.
Don Norman

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