Three hundred sixty-four
projects* and counting…

* 17 web apps, 27 mobile apps, and 319 websites.

I'm passionate about crafting products with smart and talented people that delight and engage the customers. 

I research, define user flows, sketch, design user interfaces, create prototypes and conduct user tests. Then work closely with the development team, in iterative steps, to build and launch a product we are all proud of.

As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.
  Jef Raskin 

Case studies

Below a selection of case studies of recent and past projects.

BDC Design System

BDC Design System

Figma design library for the marketing site and client portal

A simplified login experience for Desjardins mobile app

The transactional app of this bank was in need of a serious refresh.

Set this stock trading mobile app free from the desktop 

How the remaining features exclusive to the desktop version were brought to the mobile app, including the options trading, something that has not been done before, at the time (2019), on a mobile screen.

TIME, a time tracking mobile app

The best solution often comes from your obsession at finding something to solve your own problem.
I had a battle to finish with time tracking.

The only reason anything ever ships is because people just keep working until it’s ready.
Brent Simmons

Multiple sites and products I conceptualized and helped deliver received industry recognitions; among them:

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